How To Help Less Fortunate People Without Overspending


Your duty to the community does not end after paying your taxes or promoting local stores. It does not stop either when you nail the proper way of segregating the waste materials at home. As an inhabitant of your community, it is one of your unwritten responsibilities to help the less fortunate people in town even though they do not ask for it.

The folks we refer to include the orphans, elderlies in the hospice, or families whose accumulated wage has never been enough for all their needs. The truth is that you don’t have to be as wealthy as Bill Gates to be of service to them. It may not be necessary at all times as well to spend for these people, primarily if you know various ways to offer assistance instead of giving money to the unfortunate souls.

  1. Donate Clothes

The first thing you may do is turn your closet upside down to look for clothing articles that you can separate from (excluding underwear, of course). They can be shirts that you have not worn for years or jeans that no longer fit. As long as the items are in excellent shape – meaning, there are no holes or tears that are not part of the original design – you may pack them and send the box to the individuals who can make use of them.


The reason why donating clothes matters is that these are the necessities that underpaid people cannot always afford. When you only have enough money for either food or garment, after all, you will undoubtedly choose to get the former and make do with the apparels that you have. Hence, if you can give them some of your clothes, that will be an immense blessing for them.

  1. Help Build Houses

It is quite common now for non-profit organizations and local government units to go all out when it comes to helping survivors of calamities find their footing in the world again. Aside from the clothing and food that they may offer, they are also capable of building new homes for these families.

Now, considering you do not have the financial means to sponsor the construction materials for one of the houses, you may volunteer to work at the site. Whether you are a builder or not, it will mean a lot if you can distribute snacks to the other volunteers, wheel cement and other items to different homes, or stack hollow blocks there.

  1. Give Your Blood

Some people fail to realize that many patients die because their families cannot provide the blood that they need for transfusion. It may be because the blood bank does not have their type in stock. It can also be because they cannot afford to purchase bags of it.

To help such people continue living, you may ask your friends and relatives if they know someone who needs a blood donor. You may join the blood donation drive that Red Cross holds annually too. Not only will this deed be useful for others, but it will allow your body to generate more blood for your own benefit.

  1. Offer Your Skills Via A Free Event

Being talented at something that can be helpful for many individuals can also be a tool to aid the less fortunate. For instance, in case you are a doctor, you can gather some of your professional friends to conduct a medical mission in the community. If you know how the non-working mothers there can make money without living the house, you may hold a free event for that as well.

In The End

It is neither difficult nor expensive to help folks in need. These individuals require something more than money most of the time. If you have clothes, skills, or even blood to share with them, do not hesitate to offer it freely. After all, isn’t it always better to give than to receive?

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