4 Worthwhile And Life-Altering Things To Do Instead Of Going To College  

The author is NOT saying that college is unimportant. It’s just that some people are built in a way that college won’t work for them. For those who are not “college material,” these worthwhile and life-altering things are for you. 

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Some might say that college is essential to be educated but remember that college isn’t the only way to get trained. There are other things that you can’t learn in the confines of the four ceilings of the classroom. So what should you do precisely if college is “not your cup of tea?” Here are four things you could do instead of college. 


Educate Yourself 

 As mentioned earlier, college isn’t the only way to learn and college doesn’t teach you the skills you need to get a job. Platforms like YouTube and Lynda can show you skills that would very much be useful in jobs like web design, video editing, marketing, and many more. And those platforms aren’t expensive and won’t give you student debts. 


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If you’re worried about your resume looking bad because of the education part (high school level or graduate only), this can be solved by filling up other parts of your resume. Employers care about skills and value more nowadays rather than your education. Your degree or the private school you went to might be good to look at, but in the end, it’s your portfolio and skills that would get you the job. 


Build A Business 

 While not everyone is suited to become an entrepreneur or to build their own business, having a business is still a good investment. Frankly, spending money on building a business is better than spending tens of thousands in college. The internet has made it, so that vast information is available in a single click or swipe. Use this along with a few books and be committed to it, and soon you’ll be able to build your own online business.  


It might not be successful immediately, but success takes time. Save money and do side jobs while managing your business. The experience you’ll gain in building your own company will be something to impress the employers. 


Develop Your Brand 


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If there’s a hobby you’re passionate about like making music or movies, then maybe making a personal brand will be good for you. Lots of people now make money online just by being bloggers on platforms like YouTube. Never underestimate the words “social media” because these words are what opened the world to a ton of opportunities and in this age of media, building your brand in social media is what gets you connections. 


Go To Vocational Or Trade School  

 Not everyone is suited for entrepreneurship so how can one exactly find a job if you’re not fit for this or college? Jobs are difficult to find, but that’s for white collar jobs. In the blue-collar industry, there are about 3 million labor jobs available, which pay higher than white collar ones, and you don’t even need a degree for most of them.  


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In these jobs, you would need skills and you can get those in vocational or trade schools. Be careful in going to trade schools though because some schools jack up their prices to be almost the same, if not more than traditional universities. And there are also those that exaggerate their data to get more students. 


With these choices, it’s up to you to select. It’s either you go with the flow and do as what society has been screaming at you, or you go to the path that most didn’t take but is overflowing with opportunities. People like Bill Gates didn’t need a college education. They proved that college isn’t necessary to be successful but instead, you build your own success. 


The world now gives more importance to value. It’s ruthless to people who only have a fancy diploma but nothing to back them up. Those who are smart and skilled will be the one to end up on top. 

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