How To Be A Good Citizen In Your Community


More Than Just Citizenship

There is more in being a Citizen than just having legal papers as proof. It is not affected whether you are born with specific citizenship or you earn it during immigration. Being a good citizen is about the person’s conduct and behavior, it is about the person’s way of interaction with the society and in the community, and the process of learning from others and how you pass this knowledge to others. This is a discussion of the interpersonal skills, education and the common courtesies which is present in the country for smooth and strong progress.

Starting With Education

There is a saying that the people who know more can understand more. People do not need to have a doctorate in any prestigious universities to be a good citizen. But it is necessary to have a habit of learning. People who are easily manipulated are those who have fear because of ignorance or limited understanding. A good citizen is not easily manipulated since they can understand what is going on in their surroundings; thus they are able to make rational decisions.


Here are some useful topics to keep up to have an idea in what action to take to be a good citizen:


Politics – local and national politics



Energy Issues

Banks and Investments

Tax and Tax Reform



Community Services – in schools, hospitals, clean-ups, and other similar activities


These topics may tire you up, but these are useful when you understand how they work.  It is best if you find an interesting issue and learn from it. You may research about the history, trends, process and be an active community member. Be passionate and know the facts which you can later use in defending it. Know the past as it may be useful when you experience it at present.

Social And Community Responsibility

A good citizen should consider the nation as a whole, similar to their local community and families. People should plan and focus on the long-term goals instead of being engrossed in short-term plans. Be considerate and teach your children different ideas for social thinking:


Recycling – this action saves money for the city and the nation, help clean up streets, help lessens dependence on outside resources and puts them firmly in their borders and control.


Clean the Environment – cleaning the area can bring many benefits, not only for the family but also to the community and the government. Teach the kids to be responsible for their litter, help community clean-ups like park and wild places. This can attract future investors while maintaining the local ecosystem. Thus, keeping the air and water safe will also keep the community safe from pollution effects and diseases.


Be Social – teach the children to be sociable. Support them and introduce them to their neighbors. Knowing their neighbors contributes to a more secure neighborhood, thus creating a social support system. This can also enrich lives which the leads to a healthier and longer lifespan. Strong social support systems can even lower dependence on hospitals, medication, and public works.


Raise your Kids Right – raise them to be a bright, responsible, polite and reasonable. Teach them how to stand on their own and be strong. This can prevent children to be engaged in illegal activities such as being involved in crime and being a victim of crime. Raising them right will make the take pride in their jobs and can lead to social stability and enrichment.


Support Local Businesses – Support the locals by spending your money in the local community. It can keep the individual character and flavor of the city alive and healthy. This will also slow the problems of homogenization and prevent loss of engagement of the public.


Involvement in Community Services – be involved in local movements such as clean-ups, gardening, local fairs, protests and marches, celebrations and volunteer groups. This will improve the overall life of the community.

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