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The 2016 San Francisco Community Development Forum is merely one of the annual conferences in the United States that concentrate on helping communities evolve into something more ideal for kids and adults alike to live in. The basic idea that the panelists wish to convey every time is that there has to be no violence in your location if everyone looks out for each other. It is not wrong to attend community meetings either, especially when the agenda is to work on new projects that will be beneficial for all the residents.

In case you don’t know where to start on the latter, here are some tips on creating a community service project.

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1. Find Out What Is Lacking In The Area

Your first task is to know all the issues that your community faces. It may be the lack of clean public bathrooms, the broken down park, or the absence of a local health center that people can go to any time. That will help you see what project you may take on, along with other things you can do in the future.

2. Realize What Resources Are Available

It is essential to figure out as well the kinds of resources you can get your hands on in actuality. For instance, do you know an engineer or architect who can design a structure? Does the community have funds to pay for all the project expenses? Will some residents be willing to offer their skills for free?

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3. Plan How You’ll Start The Project

With your research done, you can now pick one community service idea and map out a realistic process to fulfill it. The plan should include the number of days or weeks it’ll take to finish the project, how much you need for it, et cetera. This way, you won’t make a mistake of announcing faulty information that might cause people to think you are a fraud.

4. Don’t Hesitate To Ask For Help

Finally, whether it’s manpower or money that you don’t have enough of, you should not hesitate to ask the residents or even the local government for assistance. Lay out the plan to them; say what you want to achieve in the end. That’s how you can get volunteers or sponsors to lend a hand.


Help improve your community by starting a project today. Cheers!

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