Speak To Be Heard

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Have you attended the 2018 community engagement conference? If not, then let me point out the best part of the discussion. Yes, there are topics in the meeting that are also essential. However, the one that I know will surely interest you is the subject of recognizing the importance of your voice.

You might not realize it, but an individual’s voice can make a difference. Of course, you will question the weight of it. But in this society we have right now, everything is about expression. People talk-freely, and they speak their minds. Whether it is personal discussions or in social media postings, people agree and disagree with everything. That is because individuals practice their rights as a member of the global society.

Freedom of speech is vital for community engagement. It allows you to have strength in changing the unjust damage that not everyone can see. Yes, speaking the truth comes with consequences. People might belittle you, call you a liar, or simply ridicule you for your beliefs. But if you allow all those negativities to distract you, you will never send out the message.

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In a narrowed down concept, a lot of individuals like you do not choose to speak at all. It is either they do not care, or they are scared of hurting another person with the truth. But honestly, it would be much more foolish not to talk about sensitive topics that require other people’s opinions. Solicited or not, you must understand the possible contribution of your thoughts and ideas. If you continue to shut your mouth, you are only allowing the world to experience ignorance, negligence, and unwarranted management.

Do not be afraid to express yourself. Yes, some will not listen to your words, especially if it contradicts their beliefs. But you will never know that some may consider it a way to change their lives.