The Challenges Brought About By COVID-19 In Our Community


The world has changed since the outbreak of COVID-19. Personally, it did not occur in my mind that I get to experience the scare of having a pandemic. Pandemic means that it is already a global problem and that each and everyone should be on the lookout to take care of ourselves as well as the people around us.

Hearing about the coronavirus disease made me anxious and scared, most notably that many family members are working abroad or are situated in remote areas because of work. But when I first heard of a case of coronavirus in our neighboring island and understanding that they have been admitted and treated for it, it relieved me from the anxiety. But then again, upon hearing and watching the news that it has killed thousands and thousands of people across the globe, anxiety was again felt thinking about how has this happened and will there be any vaccines or cure for it. Unfortunately, there is none. So, the World Health Organization and health agencies from all countries have come up with rules and protocols to help us deal with what is happening already.


At first, I was also anxious and concerned about how far this pandemic could go. Hearing and watching the news from across the globe did not help at all in easing our minds, but we also cannot just turn a blind eye and pretend that nothing is happening. In my part, I am lucky enough that I am living in a rural area wherein we do not need to go to the metro or crowded cities to be able to survive. Living in rural areas in this pandemic is a bit of an advantage since meeting different people will be minimized. And also, as a stay-at-home mom, being locked down at home is not a new situation.

But you can feel the difference when the lockdown was implemented. It caused turmoil both physically and mentally. Many plans were postponed and halted. Flights and sea voyages were stopped. There were lots of concerns that were raised. How can we sustain this lockdown? But I fully understand that the lockdown was implemented for our safety. By this implementation, people should be on guard and aware of how severe coronavirus is. Based on the fact that there were already thousands of casualties that were reported all over the globe during the outbreak, the lockdown was necessary to minimize the contact from one person to another. Another dangerous thing about coronavirus is that it stays on a particular matter for a couple of hours. Once a person touches something with the virus, it may then possibly infect us once our exposed hands touch our face or mouth.


What worries me the most, aside from my family, is about those people who are affected by the lockdown. During this lockdown period, almost all establishments were required to close. Only those that sell and offer essential services are allowed to operate. What will happen to those construction workers who traveled to far regions to work but were forced to stop during the lockdown? Lucky are those who will be given help by their employers, but what about those who were not extended support?  I hope and pray that advice will be given to those who need it.

The lockdown was a big challenge for each of us. Personally, it made me realize that health is really what matters most. People are also taught to be more severe in our hygienic practices. Washing our hands now and then should be practiced to get rid of any virus or dirt that we have contracted as we go by our daily errands.

Though we have struggled so much during this lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic, let us not allow this situation to take control of us. Instead, let us beat those worries by praying and by becoming responsible citizens. Let us be accountable and follow the rules and protocols that the government has stated for our safety. We can also reach out and volunteer ourselves whenever we can. One of the ways that our family did during quarantine was talk to professionals at BetterHelp. It gave us the relief that we needed from lockdown stress, and that glimmer of hope that life will get better, soon.

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