Living Through COVID-19 And Taking Care Of Your Mental Health


Back in January, the world was shocked by the news of a new virus that caused millions to fall ill and thousands dead. Now many, many months later, the world has adjusted to a new life and a new normal. In countries such as New Zealand, people are quite lucky to live their lives as they used to but not every country is as lucky as New Zealand. Some countries remain suffering the chaos of COVID-19.

Right now, what everyone needs is a glimpse of hope and a whole lot of support. It is important that as a community, we stand together to fight against the virus and keep our families and ourselves safe.

You might be thinking, “How can I show my community support during these trying times?” Right now, the statistics on mental illness have risen due to the pandemic and the lockdowns that have been placed since the outbreak. Many of us have been stuck at home either alone or with our families and love ones. To many people, this might have become a blessing in disguise, but for some, this might have caused a lot of issues to resurface.


So, at this moment, we all need someone who we could rely on and who we could look to for support. What we can do as a community is we can, first of all, start with just a simple phone call. With the new normal setting of having to keep a distance from everyone, we have to find a way to connect with other people. So making that quick phone call to your neighbor to ask them how they are doing can have a big impact on your community and the lives of your neighbors. Taking that step and choosing to check-up on your friends can be a lot more helpful than you might think. That one call might save a life.

Another thing you might be able to do is to invite a few people for a quick dinner. It is always good to know that we have someone who we can call our friend during these times. It is understandable for many of us to feel anxious, stressed, or scared during this pandemic. All our feelings are valid, and we will need a friend we can call on and rely on when we need help.


Of course, it is also important to buy things from a local store or business. This shows support to your community, including your local economy and your friends. This way, you can give support, and you are also keeping your town growing. Buying from a local store also means that you can buy in bulk, which means you go on lesser trips. You are basically giving the local store an income, and you are keeping your family safe.

Lastly, you should always wear protective gear like face masks. This helps in preventing the spread of the virus, and it helps you keep your family safe. This pandemic is not a joke. People have died because of this, and making sure that you are protected means that you are also protecting your community. We have to protect ourselves from the virus, and we have to protect ourselves from mental illness.


We must protect ourselves and make sure that we are also protecting our community. The people around us will need us, and we will need them. This pandemic has brought out a lot of different things in our world. Let positivity, support, and friendship be brought out from our community, especially at a dark time like this. We all have a role that we are supposed to fulfill. Make sure that you are fulfilling your role for your community in the midst of all this chaos because you will be helping yourself and your whole community.

This pandemic can be scary for all of us. The fear of losing a job, the fear of getting sick, or the fear of losing someone you love. Many things can happen during this time, and if you do not watch out for yourself and other people, this will continue to happen to us. So make sure that you are taking care of your mental health. Put yourself first to take care of yourself in the best way you can because you must help yourself first so you can help tole.

Take this time to heal so you can reach out to other people and help them heal. This is our time to heal in all aspects, so take that deep breath and heal.


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