About the 31st Ward Regular Democratic Organization

The 31st Ward Regular Democratic Organization is a long established group in our community. Since its founding, the group has fought for our shared Democratic values and worked diligently to help the community and provide needed services. It adheres to this principle and purpose today, and always will.

Our Ward Committeeman is Joseph Berrios, who has served in this capacity since 1992.

About Joe

Joe grew up in Cabrini Green and attended Lane Tech High School and the University of Illinois at Chicago. Always focused on public service, Joe became the first Hispanic State Representative in Illinois in 1982.

Joe is honored to serve as 31st Ward Democratic Committeeman. With your support, he has become the first Hispanic Chairman of the Cook County Democratic Party. Joe believes in a maintaining a robust organization where all who share our values are welcome. Under his leadership at the party, minorities and women have seen much greater representation.

Joe is the proud father of three children: Toni, Vanessa, and Joseph. He also has two grandchildren, Abby, 5, and Nicholas, 4.